Data-driven Mobile Apps

PRODUCT Data-driven Mobile Apps

In today’s Smartphone Society the demand for data-driven mobile apps is on the rise. Real-time and 24/7 available solutions are part of the daily life and the hunger for control in this complex environment is continuously increasing. The biggest challenges of businesses is to work with apps that optimize their internal organizational processes, provide insights into user behavior trends and have an actual added value to their customer experience. 2gather is at the forefront of designing and building these kinds of data-driven mobile apps solutions for diverse markets.

For example, we work with congress organizations, which are in strong need of efficient and real-time adaptable event processes as well as they are depending on high visitor satisfaction rate driven by maximized customer experience.
For non-profit sports events, we have created a multi-stakeholder platform and mobile apps that serve the demands of the organization, participants, team supporters and of course, the sponsors. The main focus of our solution are the maximization of collected amount for charities and the safety of participants. Therefore, we built functionalities like real-time GPS tracking of participants, automated lost notification through geo-fencing, prediction models based on data analytics and many more. To be successful on this market, we had to pay special attention on maximizing performance level and minimizing battery-usage. For HR and marketing purposes, we have built the DISC segmentation app. With this app, within 2 minutes we can determine the life- and communication-style of the user. By knowing the individual style, marketing and HR professionals can adjust their way of communication to maximize business outcomes.

If you are interested in how a data-driven app could re-invent your business model, optimize your business processes or enhance your customer experience, get in touch with us!


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