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Zilveren Kruis Case Study


Zilveren Kruis is one of the biggest health insurance companies with more than 3,3 million clients in the Netherlands.


Every year, Zilveren Kruis contracts a huge amount health care providers. In the past, the insurance company had to set up an individual contract per client, which was a very time-consuming process, taking place mainly on paper. The concept contracts were sent via post to the healthcare providers, who needed to control it, fill in the required information and return the document to Zilveren Kruis. Then insurance specialists had to control the contract again and digitize most of the information by hand in different internal systems. Zilveren Kruis wanted to optimize this process in order to make it faster, more efficient and less error-sensitive.


2gather built an online communication portal for the Zilveren Kruis, where they can manage their entire contracting process digitally. Every healthcare provider is invited personally to create his own account. If he is interested, he can fill in a questionnaire with which all the necessary information that Zilveren Kruis needs to propose a fully individualized contract is collected. The collected information can be e.g. practise-, quality- and service aspects, additional health sector specifications etc. Based on this specific information the system automatically creates a custom-made proposal for the healthcare provider including a price quotation and sample contract. Accepting and returning the contract happens digitally too. This portal is integrated with Zilveren Kruis’ internal administration and claims management systems and therefore it results in a completely up-to-date system of roundabouts and provides an enormous efficiency boost and insights for the company. Furthermore, this portal has many additional functionalities, such as a management system, newsletter functionality, forum, questionnaire tools, documentation system and management dashboards.

Het portaal kent ook vele aanvullende functionaliteiten zoals een managentsysteem, nieuwsbrieffunctionaliteit, forum, vragenlijsttool en een overzichtelijk documentatiesysteem.

Het portaal is niet een op zichzelfstaande functionaliteit maar levert dagelijks informatie uit met het CMS en declaratiesysteem waardoor een compleet up to date systeem van rondgangen ontstaat.

Solution in numbers:

23.000 10 9
Signed valid contracts Heath sectors Years working together
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